The 2024 edition of Baer’s Almanac is now available!

Our 2024 edition will mark Baer's Almanac’s 199th year of publication. We are pleased to bring our readers yet another 96-page book full of useful information: Weather predictions for the whole year, important data on activities of the sun, moon and planets; planting tables and advice; garden news and tips and a fishing calendar. Get details on coming eclipses and all you need to know about what to watch for in the sky at night.

This year we have lots of good stories about American history, as every year is an anniversary of something! In 1824 General Lafayette, hero of the American Revolution, made a year long tour of our nation. Explore the impact of Thomas Paine’s pamphlets and read about the introduction of cattle to the colonies, or the arrival of Ann Lee, leader of the Shakers. Two hundred years ago the first labor strike by women took place at Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and John C. Calhoun made his first unsuccessful run for the presidency. In 1874 we had our first visit by a sitting monarch—the King of Hawaii. Find out more about the Vicksburg Massacre, which also took place in 1874. And just a hundred years ago, Macy’s organized their first Thanksgiving Day parade.

For gardeners, we have our usual "All-America" suggestions of new plants that are easy to grow, and advice from Connie Krochmal on night gardens. Chris Welch gives some useful tips on keeping a garden journal. Our usual Amos Appleschnitz page tells readers what to plant when and the Frey family of Lancaster County has given us some great old recipes.

Baer’s Almanac makes a nice gift for friends and family—when you buy four copies, we absorb the postage!