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Our 2014 edition of Baer's Almanac is now ready for you to order!

Readers like our almanac because it is always full of unusual information and lots of it!

Most important are the calendar pages that tell farmers and gardeners all they need to know about when to plant--sun and moon rises and sets, signs of the zodiac and of course the weather predictions for the year.

However, instead of lots of advertising, Baer's readers learn about many different topics and here are a few covered this year: Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner, George Pullman and the Pullman car; Luther Burbank and the Shasta Daisy. We have more information about the disappearance of pollinators and the groups trying to help them; the perennial plant of the year and the All-America selections are included.

In addition, there are the usual recipes, fishing calendar and general wisdom from the ages!

Now in our 189th year!