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Our 2017 edition of Baer's Almanac is now ready for you to order.

This year we carry details of a total eclipse of the sun, a rare event! In addition, we have our usual weather predictions, sun and moon risings and settings, planetary events and planting recommendations that our readers count on each year.

Some stories of interest this year include that of Edward P. Weston, long distance walker, and Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress. Learn more about Fred Harvey, America's first chain restaurant developer, and DeWitt Clinton, champion of the Erie Canal.

Yes. Of course you'll find all the usual features that an almanac must have: calendar pages with sun and moon and planetary events; weather predictions for the full year; planting recommendations and a fishing calendar. And of course useful charts and tables you'll find easy to use.

There are new places to visit, such as the Nolde Forest and George Washington's boyhood farm.

You might want to know more about the old fashioned herb lovage or where to plant alliums. Find out about a new kohlrabi that's easy to grow, or which state was the 37th to be admitted to the Union. You may be surprised to learn that a Republican president proposed the first income tax!

As always, Baer's has a lot of fun and interesting reading and NO advertising! Order yours today and remember that they make great gifts for your friends and relatives!

Still going strong in our 192nd edition!