The 2022 edition of Baer’s Almanac is now available!

As we look towards 2022, we see lots of blue skies and a much-improved outlook for a world gripped by a pandemic! Baer’s will bring its almost 200-year old wisdom to its readers in typical fashion. The movements of the sun, moon and planets will be tracked as usual, and weather predictions are made for the entire year. Those who plant by the signs of the zodiac will know when to do so, and those who rely on our fishing calendar will know when fish. As always, Amos Appleschnitz tells what days are good for planting which crops, as well as setting hens and incubators!

This issue marks Baer’s 197th almanac and we have lots of fun information to share this year. You will learn about interesting characters, like Lincoln’s first vice president, Hannibal Hamlin, and retail pioneer Montgomery Ward. Find out which plants have good resistance to rabbits and why the Fraser fir is a preferred Christmas tree. Learn more about Denmark Vesey of Charleston, and Emily Post of New York City. And you’ll find all the details you need to observe an eclipse or divide the plants in your garden.

Baer’s Almanac is a great and thoughtful gift – buy two copies and save on postage. Better yet, if we send you three, the postage is on us!